How to Become a Painter

become a painter

Painting remains one of the oldest arts in human history. Archaeologists believe that painting started thousands of years ago in the caves spread across various parts of the world. Most people are born with the creative art of painting while others can learn this art to perfection. If you have insatiable desires for painting do not let it go and instead begin this journey. However, painting does not require formal education and university education only serves to improve one’s skills in the art of painting. It is important for the beginner to start developing the skills by sketching. This provides a good ground to start you painting and build a portfolio. This article explains how you can become a good professional painter.

The first step to becoming a painter is to begin with educating yourself. Choose the type of painter you wish to be as there are several painting mediums and styles available. The most common painting mediums are oil, watercolor and acrylic painting. The different mediums affect the canvas differently and produce a different atmosphere. Explore various styles and mediums in your local area. In addition, have a stock of the painting supplies. Your painting supplies should be of high quality in order for you to come up with the best work. Some of these supplies include easels, brushes, palettes and paper. Learn the maintenance tricks of your equipment. You should learn how to preserve your paints and keep you brushes. Take you time to learn the different medium, study the theory of painting as an art and then find a suitable studio from where you can practice and polish your painting skills.

After educating yourself, it is important for you to start training yourself as a professional painter. This involves first choosing the suitable fine arts school. This will provide an avenue to receive both education and relevant training. Most of the programs in fine arts expose one to the various forms of fine art helping to enrich the art. Try hard to imitate the experts in painting as this will help sharpen your skills. By trying out someone’s difficult painting technique, you improve you own skills in the art. It is also necessary for you to discover your own theme. This can be possible when you look through your various works and search what really relates to yours. Your theme inspires you and turns into the hallmark of your artistic work. Nevertheless, you should remain motivated in your painting profession by doing what keeps you inspired all the time. Ensure you also paint consistently in order to preserve and improve your skills and apprentice to become a professional painter.


After becoming a professional painter, it is prudent to market your art. Think of any profit making activity and develop and keep various connections. Ensure you create a network with both the buyers and the painting experts as this will help promote marketing of your painting prowess. In the modern society, creating a website will help create more leads hence develop one. Brainstorm on the different places to sell your services and look forward to opening a gallery if you can afford. Lastly, treat your work as a business and therefore, stick to the business rules.

The above guide will help you start and venture into painting within a short period of time. If you desire to become an artist, you should strive to achieve your dream even if you were not born with the gift to paint.