Gift ideas for Artists

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Every artist needs equipment or tools for their skills and crafts. If you have an artist is in your family or dating an artist, or maybe you have to buy a gift for a friend or someone you know which is an artist but you have no idea what to get.

Here is a guide made with the help of The Best Anniversary Gifts by Year that will offer you some ideas on gift giving for any artist you may know in your life.

There are hundreds of things that an artist would love to get and they may not even think of it until they receive it from you!

The Painter

painterIdeal for sketching or painting, buying ideas for gifts for that artist on your shopping list is not difficult at all. Take a look at some of the listed ideas you can purchase below.

– Paintbrush sets: for staining, painting, fan, angular, flat, flat shaders, hakes, liners, mops, round tips, stroke tipped, and wash brushes can add some dimension into their life with new paint brushes such as these.

– Silicon tools such as oils, acrylics, water miscible oils, plaster clay,…to name a few.

– Mini blades and contour blades

– Wedge buckets for water specifically for painting

– A cabinet or storage desk for their supplies and equipment

– Washable paint sets, poster paint sets, tempera paints, varnishes, epoxies, gel mediums and crackle finishes are simply a few mixed media painting tools a painter needs to complete their fabulous work of art

– Airbrush paints and cleaners, opaque and transparent bases, topcoats, retarders, restorers, and sealers.

– Artist easels and worktables or folding desks

– Painting by numbers or stencil sets which are for those young, junior artists

– Artist’s canvas and standard painting panels, worksheets, and paper exclusively for painters

The Musician

musicianThere’s the musician in the familly and you aren’t sure what they want. Yet, write on your shopping list these fine ideas for the artist who is a musician in your loop.

Here are some of the musicians’ gift ideas that they would love to receive since they need them to play along their craft and skill.

– The guitarist always needs guitar picks, strings (electric / nylon), tuner, guitar chord chart for bass or guitar.

– The percussionist always needs drumsticks, cymbals, or hard-ware for their sets, or drum triggers (that effect the sound of the drums) or drum heads

– Wooden bongos, – Their favorite band’s cd, album or books about the band or group

– Brass players need reeds, tuning slide grease, valve oils, delux trumpet care kits, or trombone care kits, hygenic mouthpiece cleaner…to name a few

The Writer

WriterEvery writer needs inspiration. Why not give the writer in your family or your “loop of friends” lots of pens, pencils, sketchpads, or even a laptop. Some ideas for gifts for the artist whom is a writer are their favorite author’s books or best sellers. Here are some other ideas.

– Ink for their printers

– Dictionary or Thesaurus

– Subscription to their favorite magazine

– Computer desktop paper

– Sketchbooks, spirals, or notepads

– Books, books, books…

The Aspiring Actor/Actress

actorsFor the aspiring actor or actress on your shopping list, it’s always fun to give them more drama than they can handle. Give them a nice TV guide and stuff it in their Christmas stocking as a fun joke.

Seriously, here are some ideas for gifts for that actor in your shopping list.

– Actor’s studio gift box set

– A subscription to Backstage magazine

– An actor’s “headshot”

– Season tickets to their community theatre

– A replica of an Oscar trophy

– Actor’s gift box

– Video equipment or software!

– Actors makeup kits

– Their favorite actor’s biographies or movies on cd

The Sculptor

SculptorSculptors are always using their hands. Most of them probably don’t realize how rough and hard they feel or even look. Be kind to them, they may not be Michelangelo, Leonardo de Vinci, or Henry Moore…to name a few. There are supplies and equipment that they need for their skills and craft. Here are a few ideas for gifts for the artist who is a sculptor in your loop of family and friends.

– Sketchpads, drawing boards

– Modeling clay or tempura

– Wood carving sets or modeling kits and sets

– Alabaster and soapstone

– Stone carving sets, chip carving sets,…

– Armatures and wire for pre-scultping: double wire tools and steel detailing tools

– The Portrait Sculpting: Anatomy and Expressions in Clay, 1st Volume (Philippe Faraut) or any “sculpting” book.

Finally, when you buy a gift for an artist, you’ll soon find out you could’ve made something from scratch such as a painting or drawing and they would probably enjoy it just as well. Either way, artists are some of the most creative, yet sensitive, most unique, yet, picky, and the most easy to please types of people when it comes to gift giving. Allowing something that will enhance their talents though help.

Happy shopping for your artist in your life!